The Walking Dead

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2 months until the next season.

1. Ustream Hackathon

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Szerveztünk majd letoltunk egy 24 órás versenyt! 11 csapat, 50+ résztvevővel. Rengeteg nehezítő feladattal, meglepetéssel, sok sörrel, pizzával, reggelivel, csokival, gyümölccsel, reggeli tornával és kevés alvással. Így kell minden nap dolgozni játszani. 

Wall Street farkasa

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Baromi jó film volt!

Board Game Drafting

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Now you have a list of possible game elements in hand. It's time to take a large sheet of paper and begin to sketch out a game board. Grab some small tokens, coins, or whatever's handy and put them to work as game pieces. Play with possibilities until the design of your game begins to gel. 

At this point in the process, keep asking yourself what kinds of thinking the players will be doing as they play. Are they focused on gamestuff or will your game engage them in processing what they know and don't quite fully know about the content? Does winning the game require learning the content better than the other players? If not... you've got more work to do.

Board Game Sources of Tension

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Összegyűjtöttem pár, álltalam kedvelt társasjáték-mozgatórugót. Gondolkozom, hogyan lehetne ezeket vegyíteni.

Not enough resources

This is the classic "German game" source of tension: you don't have enough resources to do everything that you want to. This isn't restricted to quantity of resources, but may also pertain to type as well; in a game with 4 resource types, it may only be possible to acquire two or three types at a time, restricting your options. Examples of this abound, and include Puerto Rico, Settlers of Catan, and even Monopoly.